[Updated: 5/4/17]

Katie Kloth
Iron County Jail
300 Taconite Street
Hurley, WI 54534
[Address envelope to Katie, letter to Krow]

Krow (aka Katie Kloth) is an activist, artist, forager, sustainable farmer, water protector, and biologist who has been committed to struggles to protect the environment and liberate all life for many years. On February 4, 2017—her 30th birthday—she was assaulted and arrested by a member of the Bureau of Indian Affairs while in North Dakota supporting the resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline. She was held in Morton County Correctional Center until February 27. She is being charged with violating felony probation.

Before her work with the No DAPL struggle in North Dakota, Krow was involved with the campaign to protect the Penokee Hills of Wisconsin, which were under threat by Geogebic Taconite (G-TAC), a mining company that planned to level the ancient Penokee Hills to create the world’s largest open-pit taconite mine. Krow was arrested for a protest in June 2013 which disrupted G-TAC’s mining activities. She pleaded no contest to the charges, served nine months in jail, and was released in November 2015. Thankfully, due to the efforts of grassroots activists like Krow and immense public pressure, the mining project was stopped and the Penokee Hills were saved.

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