Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Amelia Rose #E-23852
Salinas Valley State Prison D3-1250
P. O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960-1050

(Formerly known as Jennifer Gann)

45 years old. Born and raised in Southern California. Date of birth: 10/06/1969. White and Cherokee ethnic background. Transgender woman. Amazon Queen.

Imprisoned since 1990 by the State of California. Originally charged with armed robbery. Sentenced to 7 years. Became jailhouse lawyer, prisoner activist (1991). Engaged in prison protests, direct action (1991-1996). Beaten and tortured by pigs at Folsom Prison. Fought back in self-defense, armed resistance. Charged with additional offenses of weapons/assault on District Attorney and Associate Warden. Sentenced to multiple 25-years-to-life terms under California’s “Three Strikes” law (1995,1996). Survived more than a decade in solitary confinement: Pelican Bay SHU (1994-2004), Tehachapi SHU (2010-2011). Came out as bisexual/trans in 2006.

Continued to work with anarchist/feminist/queer prison abolitionists and Maoist MIM (Prisons). Petitioned for and denied resentencing under so-called “Three Strikes Reform Act” (Prop. 36). No serious injuries resulted from non-serious felony offenses. Her case is on appeal. College course completed – 22 credits. Became writer, blogger, artist, poet, part of Black & Pink leadership for 5 years.

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