June 9: Sacco & Vanzetti film + letter writing for anarchist prisoners

JUNE 9, 2017
Boxcar Books
408 E. 6th St

For the June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners, we’ll be showing Peter Miller’s 2006 documentary on militant anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti.

The film explores the background to the trail (and eventual murder by the state) of Sacco and Vanzetti, positioning it within its context of widespread state repression against immigrants and radicals, ever-present labor struggles, and militant direct action against the state and capitalism by anarchist insurgents. It’s essential viewing for anyone who wants to look beyond the conventional narrative of Sacco and Vanzetti as simple “victims of the state” and instead understand that they were engaged in war on all forms of state power and economic exploitation.

Afterwards, we’ll write to anarchist prisoners held captive throughout the United States.

We’ll have hundreds of free zines, posters, handbills, and stickers related to June 11th and solidarity with anarchist prisoners.

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New resources for June 11th!

From June 11th

The June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners is just around the corner!

We’ve uploaded a bunch of new zines, posters, and flyers to our site to help anyone looking to host informational events or cover their town with the names and faces of our imprisoned fighters.

Continue reading

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Letter from Kara Wild

Art by Kara Wild

From Act for Freedom Now!

Fleury, 4th of april 2017

Brief Statement

I would like people to know that I am not in accord with the statements I made to the judge.

It does not do to break with our principles just because of being afraid.
At the «trial» I plan on saying either nothing further or statements in accord with my principles. I am, have been for many years, & expect to always be, an anarchist.

I have the same principles & values that I had before I got arrested, & I never doubted them either. Being here has taught me some really important lessons I should’ve know before (but not the ones «they» want to teach.) Continue reading

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One Month Until June 11th!

We’re one month away from this year’s June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners!

The essence of the day is that many seemingly separate events and actions can resonate within a wider network of efforts in solidarity with our imprisoned fighters. In this way, we make real the proposal of a multiform anarchist solidarity – one in which banner drops and bake sales, spray paint and sending letters, demonstrations and destruction can, together, show the diversity and power of anarchist solidarity. Every year, we are amazed at what people do. From big cities to small towns to lone individuals, anarchists put their hearts, minds, and hands to work, showing that anyone, no matter their circumstances, has something meaningful to contribute to freeing our imprisoned comrades.

We wish to express our support for the International Day of Solidarity with Eric King on June 28.

We also express our solidarity with the call for a Dangerous June in solidarity with anarchist, revolutionary and rebel individualities.

We’ll be unveiling new posters, flyers, and an interview series in the coming weeks, but until then, we wanted to share some ideas for anyone out there who may be wondering what they can do for June 11th. For this year’s call-out (currently in English, Spanish, and Portuguese), check out our site.

Please send us an email at june11th [at] riseup [dot] net to let us know about any events you have planned! Continue reading

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International Day of Solidarity with Eric King (June 28th)

From Support Eric King

June 28th of this year will mark one year since Eric King was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and one year since he stood up in court in Kansas City, Missouri. EK read the statement he had prepared declaring why he took action on that fateful night and that he still has no regrets. Eric has seen and experienced a lot in the nearly three years of his incarceration, and every step of the way he is unwavering in who he is and with the principles he upholds. From long stints in the S.H.U(Secure Housing Unit), to getting moved from one institution to another, to anxiety filled situations where he doesn’t know where he might be going next, he always maintains a kind of spirit that keeps him afloat no matter what they throw at him. He also understands that while he may be locked up, he is far from forgotten about, as evidenced through the collective efforts of those actively supporting him directly or on the periphery. EK is emboldened by anyone who responds to that fire inside, fights against oppression as a part of the anarchist struggle undeterred, and who remains unrelenting no matter what that state throws at you.

So, with that we’d like to announce the first annual International Day of Solidarity with Eric King on June 28th 2017! Continue reading

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Marius Mason is being moved to general population!

From Support Marius Mason

We so are excited to announce that Marius received confirmation yesterday that he will be moving to general population at Carswell.  As many know, this has been a long time coming and a request that Marius, his attorney, his family, and supporters have made repeatedly for him to be moved from the Admin Unit.

In general population Marius will be able to truly go outside for the first time in seven years, without the barriers of razor wire and concrete.  He will also be able to participate in more educational programs and groups.  Carswell’s general population has a large sunny communal visiting room that Marius’ family and friends will be able to see him in, rather than the small enclosed space with its own security detail.  We are also eager to see if Marius will have better control over his own diet.

We are extremely excited for Marius but we will also not forget the 11 other people left on the Admin Unit, who will continue suffer from constant lock downs, social deprivation, and mental health neglect and indifference.  We still strive to see a world without the admin unit, Carswell, and prisons.  Free them all.

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An FYI from Walter Bond

From Support Walter

For a few years now I have been a devout Muslim. I have learned much on this journey both about myself, others and a little something about human nature as well. But  I cannot, in good faith (no pun intended) continue to represent, practice or even believe in Islam or any other world religion for that matter.

Animal/Earth liberation and Straight Edge have been my struggle for half of my life now and it is who I am and what I care about the most at my core, it’s in my blood and it is my primary concern. Religion, for me, diverts and obscures that message both personally and publically, and I am not alright with that. Continue reading

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On the 5th Anniversary of the arrest of the Cleveland 4

From Cleveland 4 Solidarity

April 30, 2017. Tonight marks the fifth anniversary of the arrest of Brandon Baxter, Connor Stevens, Doug Wright, and Josh “Skelly” Stafford—the young men who came to be known as the Cleveland 4. Their arrest was the culmination of an FBI-created plot to place (fake, government-supplied) explosives under the base of a bridge and brand Occupy activists as “terrorists.” On this anniversary, we should pause. Take a moment to think about what was done to the Cleveland 4, the consequences they continue to suffer and the support they need, and how their case is a reflection of the bigger political moment in which we are living—and what that requires of us. Continue reading

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So What if They Did Rob the Banks?

From Plain Words

In March of this year, an international call for solidarity during the week of April 17-23 was made[1] for anarchists arrested for allegedly robbing banks in Aachen, Germany back in 2013 and 2014. Continue reading

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New Blanket Felony Charges Pressed against J20 Arrestees

An Unprecedented Use of Punitive Charges as a Tactic of Mass Intimidation

From Crimethinc

On January 20, when downtown Washington, DC was crowded with massive protests against Trump’s inauguration, police cordoned off an entire city block and mass arrested over two hundred people, slapping the same charge of felony riot indiscriminately on every one of them.

On April 27, the prosecution filed a superseding indictment adding several more felony charges to each of these defendants: inciting to riot, rioting, conspiracy to riot, and destruction of property. About half of the defendants are also charged with the same count of assault on a police officer. This is punitive charging: the intention is clearly to terrorize the defendants into taking plea deals so that these inflated charges will never come to trial. Continue reading

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