Anarchist Prisoner War Fund

The Anarchist Prisoner War Fund is an initiative started by Bloomington ABC in October 2015 that provides consistent, monthly funds for a handful of anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners held captive in the state’s dungeons. As of Fall 2020, we have raised and distributed over $12,000.

We chose the individuals we did because of our personal relationships with them and knowledge of their need for material support. We refuse to allow our comrades to go without basic necessities as they struggle against their confinement and against the state. We prioritize support for anarchist prison rebels because we are anarchists who want to see rebellion spread in every prison yard and cell block.

To destroy prisons and the state, we have to build a culture of resistance. Central to this is creating infrastructure for supporting our prisoners and fighting against prison society. By working to free our comrades and support their survival and struggles, we open our own space to act against the state without fear of being abandoned if we are caught.

Michael Kimble
Jennifer Gann
Eric King
Sean Swain
Marius Mason

Casey Brezik

If you would like to donate money, please email us at bloomingtonanarchistblackcross (at) riseup dot net. All money will go directly to prisoners.