June 11, 2017 roundup

From June 11th

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Communication is a weapon: June 11th 2017

This year, the International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners emphasized how communication aids our struggles against prison society and disrupts the isolation imposed on comrades who are locked up for the long term.

The state aims to make our comrades disappear, but we want their names and deeds spread throughout the world. During the months preceding June 11, word was circulated far and wide about both our imprisoned comrades and the upcoming day of solidarity. Newly designed June 11 promotional materials – including stickers, flyers, and posters – reached individuals, social centers, and distribution projects around the world. The call for June 11th this year was translated into French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

We conducted several moving and insightful interviews with former prisoners and outside supporters, who eloquently wove connections between past and current struggles. Solidarity with long-term prisoners can strengthen our struggles by forcing us to look back and learn from theirs, and deepen our collective memory.

As June 11th has come and gone, we want to affirm again that our commitment to our imprisoned comrades is not limited to one day, but extends in all directions:

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Walter Bond is in solitary confinement

From Support Walter

Walter was placed in the SHU on Monday because he is being investigated for an assault. He can’t discuss the incident because he is being investigated. He said he could be there for a few months. He would like to receive letters from you all, and include your address in the body of the letter even if you are already a correspondent, because he doesn’t have anybody’s address where he is now. He sounded okay. We can make his time in the hole go faster by sending him entertaining letters and cards. Jokes and funny stories and pictures are good.

Walter Bond #37096-013
FCI Greenville
PO Box 5000
Greenville, IL 62246

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June 26: Veganism & the Prison System

JUNE 26, 2017
Boxcar Books
408 E. 6th St

Join us for a discussion about staying vegan while incarcerated, Green Scare laws that target animal rights and eco-activists, and cases of vegan and animal rights prisoners, including Marius Mason, Joseph Buddenberg, Nicole Kissane, and Eric King.

Former animal liberation prisoner Kevin Olliff will be calling in.

Vegan potluck! Bring a dish to share.

Letter writing to vegan prisoners!

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New support flyer for Bill Dunne

Bill Dunne is a long time anti-authoritarian and anarchist prisoner who since 1979, has been doing time for his involvement in an armed attempt at freeing a comrade from imprisonment. Please download and distribute this up-to-date support flyer for Bill Dunne and let us never forget our comrades on the inside.


Get to know Bill Dunne, a political prisoner who has been a prisoner of the state since 1979.

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Another birthday behind bars for Jared Chase of the NATO 3

Happy Birthday, Jay Chase!

Please send a card, letter or some books. It means a lot to Jay that people care about him. He has been in segregation for a long time and can use the support.

His book wishlist is here.


Jared Chase
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

Buy books for Jay from both AK Press and PM Press.

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Komotini, Greece: Solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners – “Sean Swain Was Here”

On Monday, June 12th 2017, we hung a banner at the Old Law School in Komotini as a small sign of solidarity with all long-term anarchist prisoners. We do not forget the comrade Sean Swain.

Utopia A.D. anarchist squat

in Greek

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Exarchia, Athens (Greece): Banner drop for Michael Kimble

From Contrainfo

On Sunday June 11 2017, international day in support with long-term anarchist prisoners, we dropped a banner from Themistokleous 58 squat in solidarity with the comrade Michael Kimble, incarcerated in Holman prison, Alabama.

Michael Kimble is a gay black anarchist serving a life sentence for taking out a white homophobic racist. Even though he has being held captive for three decades, Michael keeps resisting the everyday imprisonment by all means necessary, and also propagates violent rupture with all Power.

With this banner we send him back some of the strength we get whenever we read his incendiary texts. Hold strong, comrade: your ideas and determination reverberate to the other side of the ocean.



in Greek

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Kite Line Radio: Ongoing support for Marius Mason & his family

From Kite Line

[Listen and download here]

This week on Kite Line we feature Arianna Staiger, daughter of Marius Mason, an anarchist prisoner who used to live and organize in Bloomington. Ariana speaks about how she experienced Marius’ arrest and persecution, her thoughts on ongoing support and about June 11, a day set aside every year to support and honor Marius and other long-term anarchist prisoners. Before starting with Ariana, we’d like to share a selection from Daniel McGowan’s recent interview about June 11. Daniel helped organize the first June 11 in 2004 before he himself was arrested for environmental sabotage, including actions against genetic engineering.

The June 11th tradition was initiated in 2004 to mark the anniversary of eco-prisoner Jeffrey Luers’ arrest. He was sentenced to 22 years after he burned 3 SUVs in protest against the fossil fuel industry, an action which hurt no one. Jeff won his release in 2009 but the day continues as an annual reminder of the anarchists prisoners serving the longest sentences for acts of sabotage and conscience. We will include a link to the history of June 11 on our website.

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Update about Joseph Buddenberg

From Support Nicole & Joseph

We’ve received updates from Joseph about the situation for him with vegan food and mail delays as he continues to be in the SHU at FCI Victorville:

Since being held at Victorville, my repeated requests for vegan meals have been ignored. On the prison compound, I can subsist on the few vegan options available on commissary, which is not available to SHU inmates. “Requests to Staff,” to Food Service, Religious Services, and Medical, as well as the Warden were all ignored. It took weeks of requests to acquire an administrative remedy form, which was never responded to, in violation of B.O.P. policy.

I can’t speak to other federal facilities, but Victorville does not offer vegan meals. Attempts were made to accommodate my diet at Lompoc, but here I’m only given a “no flesh” tray for lunch and dinner, often a soy dish with cheese, and non-vegan sides like coleslaw or mashed potatoes. Even the physician’s assistant commented on the fact that I’ve lost 20 pounds since my placement in the SHU.

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Urgent Support Needed for Mexican Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas!

Fernando Bárcenas is an anarchist political prisoner in Mexico. Earlier this week, he learned he must pay a 35,500 peso (1,950 USD) fine imposed during his sentencing by Friday, June 9 or have his imprisonment extended for 550 days. Let’s ensure he doesn’t spend one more day locked up.

Donate to the crowdfunding site!

Fernando Bárcenas is a 22-year-old anarchist who has been imprisoned by the Mexican state since December 13, 2013 and is serving a six-year sentence. He was arrested at a protest against fare hikes to Mexico City’s subway system during which a Coca-Cola Christmas tree was burned.

He was also fined 35,500 pesos and just learned from his lawyers that he must pay that fine by Friday, June 9 (in two days!) or face an additional 550 days locked inside.

In coordination with the Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico, we are attempting to urgently raise the needed funds to ensure this comrade does not spend anymore time behind bars.

Fernando has been extremely active organizing inside the prison. He started the Cimarrón Collective, a group of prisoners organizing autonomously that holds writing, painting, tattooing, yoga and health care workshops, has an anarchist library, is forming a community radio station and even has a punk band. More can be read about the collective’s work here.

As Fernando says, “We as anarchists can do work in society, whatever society we find ourselves in. Right now, I’m in prison and I’m going to do work here.” As such, he has consistently fought against the conditions inside Mexican prisons, going on four separate hunger strikes – including one in solidarity with the national prisoner strike in the US in 2016.

IGD has published many of Fernando’s writings in English here.

Fernando has shown no hesitation to act in solidarity with others. Now it is upon us to be in solidarity with him. If you are able, please contribute what you can. If you cannot make a donation, please spread the word widely.

Note: While the fine must be paid by June 9, we are running this campaign through June 17. Any additional funds will go to paying back people who have lent money so the fine may be paid on time. If funds beyond that are raised, we will approach you to either return your money or if your prefer, to send it along to support anarchist prisoners in Mexico.

Donate to the crowdfunding site!

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