Update about Joseph Buddenberg

From Support Nicole & Joseph

We’ve received updates from Joseph about the situation for him with vegan food and mail delays as he continues to be in the SHU at FCI Victorville:

Since being held at Victorville, my repeated requests for vegan meals have been ignored. On the prison compound, I can subsist on the few vegan options available on commissary, which is not available to SHU inmates. “Requests to Staff,” to Food Service, Religious Services, and Medical, as well as the Warden were all ignored. It took weeks of requests to acquire an administrative remedy form, which was never responded to, in violation of B.O.P. policy.

I can’t speak to other federal facilities, but Victorville does not offer vegan meals. Attempts were made to accommodate my diet at Lompoc, but here I’m only given a “no flesh” tray for lunch and dinner, often a soy dish with cheese, and non-vegan sides like coleslaw or mashed potatoes. Even the physician’s assistant commented on the fact that I’ve lost 20 pounds since my placement in the SHU.

Prison officials have been retaliating against me and attempting to isolate me from my friends, family, and supporters. I’ve been denied a legal call with my attorney. Very little of my outgoing mail to friends and family is ever received, likely trashed by my jailers. I receive some of the mail sent to me, generally delayed weeks if received at all. In recent weeks, I’ve received nothing but mail rejection notices. “Upping the Anti” sent by Upping the Anti is rejected with the absurd notice “inmate may receive softcover publications only from a publisher, book club, or book store, not from a home” despite the material obviously being sent from the publisher at their P.O. Box. This kind of treatment is deliberate and intended to make this time in solitary more difficult.

I appreciate so much what does get through though. Thank you all for the books, letters, and birthday wishes. Prison is endurable with this level of support I’ve received.

Subsequent update: Joseph received a batch of mail that had been held for about a month before being given to him. Also, it seems as though postcards and greeting cards are given to him much faster than letters, so please try to regularly send him those forms of mail so that he can receive words of support as well as get the photos that are on postcards – he really appreciates seeing photos of animals and natural scenery. He also really appreciates receiving articles and zines to read.

Joseph Buddenberg #12746-111
FCI Victorville Medium I
P.O. BOX 3725
Adelanto, CA 92301

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